Did she not have enough spotlight already? Already reprising her rave reviews as co-hostess for the 2014 Golden Globes, 'Parks and Recreation' star Amy Poehler received an additional honor for the night by taking home the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a TV Series, Comedy or Musical!

As presenters Emilia Clarke and Chris O'Donnell read out the nominees, Poehler snuck in an extra gag by having U2 lead singer Bono rub her shoulders as the camera turned to her for the nomination. Her first Golden Globe win out of three nominations for the role of Leslie Knope, Amy also appeared every bit as nervous as Jennifer Lawrence, rushing through her list of family, friends and co-workers to thank for the honor.

Poehler triumped over a competition roster that included Zooey Deschanel of 'New Girls,'Lena Dunham of 'Girls' (hey, didja catch the season 3 premiere?), Edie Falco of 'Nurse Jackie' and Julia Louis Dreyfus of 'Veep.' At long last, 'Parks and Recreation''s leading lady finally got the honor she deserves!

What do you think? Did Amy Poehler deserved the Best Actress in a TV Series, Comedy at the 2014 Golden Globes? Have you been watching the fifth, and hopefully not final season of ‘Parks and Recreation?’ Sound off in the comments, after our new favorite GIFs!


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