The 2014 Golden Globes are almost upon us. The Tina Fey/Amy Poehler hosted awards air this Sunday at 8pm on NBC and we're preparing the only way we know how: drinking heavily by making our predictions! These are hardly scientific in nature, but the ScreenCrush brain trust has come together to pick the winners. Will it be 'American Hustle'? Or 'Gravity'? Or will a dark horse candidate sneak in and steal the glory?

Check out our 2014 Golden Globes predictions below, and let us know in the comments who you think will win.

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  • Best Motion Picture

    CBS Films/Warner Bros./Paramount/Fox Searchlight/Sony

    Drama: '12 Years a Slave,' 'Captain Phillips,' 'Gravity,' 'Philomena,' Rush'

    While 'Rush,' 'Philomena' and 'Captain Phillips' are all fine films, this is really a two-horse race between '12 Years' and 'Gravity.' Will the HFPA voters be turned off by the difficult subject matter in '12 Years a Slave?' Will they opt for the more successful and star-driven movie in 'Gravity'? Or will '12 Years' win out because it's a more "important" movie. They're both great, so this is a crapshoot, but we think they'll go with the historical film.

    --- Predicted Winner: '12 Years a Slave'

    Musical or Comedy: 'American Hustle,' 'Her,' 'Inside Llewyn Davis,' 'Nebraska,' 'The Wolf of Wall Street'

    If you ask critics, this would be a very tough choice to pick from this group, but we don't think it will be very tough for the HFPA. 'American Hustle' has pretty much everything the Golden Globes voters like: it's flashy, has big performances, lots of stars and isn't controversial. It's probably not the best of these five films, but it's good enough to win.

    --- Predicted Winner: 'American Hustle'

  • Best Director

    Fox Searchlight/Paramount/Sony/Sony/Warner Bros.

    Steve McQueen ('12 Years a Slave'), Alfonso Cuaron ('Gravity'), Paul Greengrass ('Captain Phillips'), Alexander Payne ('Nesbraska'), David O. Russell ('American Hustle')

    While David O. Russell’s ‘American Hustle’ seemingly has everything Globes voters are looking for and is only matched in nominations by Steve McQueen’s hard-to-watch ’12 Years a Slave,’ Alfonso Cuaron is top notch in our book to take home the trophy for Best Director come Sunday.

    The film, which stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as astronauts tumbling through open space after debris lays waste to their craft and fellow crewmembers, shines partly because of Cuaron’s technical prowess. The entire two-hour duration is made up of 156 extended shots -- the opener lasting for 17 minutes – and the director utilized a 20-foot-high “Light Box” filled with LED lights, into which Bullock was strapped, to create the zero-gravity effect, among other techniques.

    Yes, both ‘Hustle’ and ’12 Years’ both have been heavily campaigned for their nominations more recently, it seems, than 'Gravity,' but Cuaron’s visceral experience sets him apart from the rest of the competitors.

    --- Predicted Winner: Alfonso Cuaron, 'Gravity'

  • Best Actor in a Motion Picture

    Paramount/Roadside Attractions/Paramount/Focus Features/Warner Bros.

    Drama: Chiwetel Ejiofor ('12 Years a Slave'), Idris Elba ('Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom'), Tom Hanks ('Captain Phillips'), Matthew McConaughey ('Dallas Buyers Club'), Robert Redford ('All Is Lost')

    This is a tough one. All of these actors turn in great performances in well-respected films, but there's no clear frontrunner at this point. Despite 'All is Lost' having the least amount of buzz of any of these films, we're going with Redford - the older, Hollywood legend - but also wouldn't be surprised if McConaughey walks away with the prize.

    --- Predicted Winner: Robert Redford, 'All Is Lost'

    Musical or Comedy: Christian Bale ('American Hustle'), Bruce Derne ('Nebraska'), Leonardo DiCaprio ('The Wolf of Wall Street'), Oscar Isaac ('Inside Llewyn Davis'), Joaquin Phoenix ('Her')

    In some kind of just world, we think Leonardo DiCaprio should win for his gutsy, manic performance in 'Wolf,' but that movie was likely too much for the older HFPA voters. Instead, we're likely to see Bale win for his 'American Hustle' performance. It's got an accent, weight gain and it's riding the rising 'Hustle' buzz.

    --- Predicted Winner: Christian Bale, 'American Hustle'

  • Best Actress in a Motion Picture

    Sony/Warner Bros./Sony Pictures Classics/Weinstein Co./Disney

    Drama: Cate Blanchett ('Blue Jasmine'), Sandra Bullock ('Gravity'), Judi Dench ('Philomena'), Emma Thompson ('Saving Mr. Banks'), Kate Winslet ('Labor Day')

    This is Cate Blanchett's game, hands down. Though talk of Sandra Bullock and Emma Thompson (and even a little of Judi Dench) has risen to the forefront of awards conversations, they cannot beat Blanchett, who gave what could very well be the best performance from a Woody Allen film in his latest, 'Blue Jasmine.' In the film, she plays an ex-socialite living with her sister after losing all her money, and becomes slightly unhinged in her constant flow of lie telling. If there's one scene that really drives it all home, it's the final park-bench moment.

    --- Predicted Winner: Cate Blanchett, 'Blue Jasmine'

    Musical or Comedy: Amy Adams ('American Hustle'), Julia Louis-Drefus ('Enough Said'), Julie Delpy ('Before Midnight'), Greta Gerwig ('Frances Ha'), Meryl Streep ('August: Osage County')

    Setting aside what apparently constitutes a "comedy" in the eyes of the Globes, normally something like Meryl Streep as an old pharmaceutical pill-popping, cancer-ridden woman, based on a character from an award-winning play, would be the clear winner. But Streep did just walk away not too long ago with the Globe and Oscar for Best Actress as the 'Iron Lady,' and the name on everybody's lips this year is 'American Hustle' with Amy Adams leading the pack as a fake British-accented con-woman ... with one too many deep V-neck dresses.

    --- Predicted Winner: Amy Adams, 'American Hustle'

  • Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture

    Fox Searchlight/Sony/Universal/Sony/Focus Features

    Barkhad Abdi ('Captain Phillips'), Daniel Bruhl ('Rush'), Bradley Cooper ('American Hustle'), Michael Fassbender ('12 Years a Slave'), Jared Leto ('Dallas Buyers Club')

    While we think Bradley Cooper has a decent shot, we think the Globes will instead honor other actors who give better performances in 'American Hustle' (see above). Even though Jared Leto has come out saying he has no interest in campaigning for awards, we have to think his career-best performance as Rayon in 'Dallas Buyers Club' will come out on top.

    --- Predicted Winner: Jared Leto, 'Dallas Buyers Club'

  • Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture

    Weinstein Co./Paramount/Fox Searchlight/Sony Pictures Classic/Sony

    Sally Hawkins ('Blue Jasmine'), Jennifer Lawrence ('American Hustle'), Lupita Nyong'o ('12 Years a Slave'), Julia Roberts ('August: Osage County'), June Squibb ('Nebraska')

    We've gotta give it up for June Squibb, Sally Hawkins and Julia Roberts, who all gave stirring performances in their respective films, but Lupita Nyong'o literally made a name for herself with the role of Patsey, favored slave of a sadistic slave owner, in Steve McQueen's '12 Years a Slave.' This was the actress' first feature film role, and her powerful performance still haunts us. Though we wouldn't be surprised to see Jennifer Lawrence, who held her own against her fellow A-listers in 'American Hustle,' step in and take the crown, we're banking on Nyong'o.

    --- Predicted Winner: Lupita Nyong'o, '12 Years a Slave'