Every Oscar night has its fair share of dramatic and moving moments, but nothing ever comes close to the "In Memoriam" segment, which honors the actors, actresses, writers, directors, producers and technicians who passed away in the past year. Just when you think you've gotten over the death of a talent who truly mattered to you, this portion of the show rears its head and tears your heart open all over again.

It's heartbreaking to look at the names included in this year's "In Memoriam." We lost legendary actors like Peter O'Toole. We lost greats taken before their time like Philip Seymour Hoffman and James Gandolfini. We lost important comedic voices like Harold Ramis. We lost vital writers like Elmore Leonard and Richard Matheson. We lost groundbreaking technicians like Ray Harryhausen. Even the late, great film critic Roger Ebert got a moment. The list goes on and on. Every name is like a knife to the heart.

Is it just us or where there more names than usual in this year's video? As much as we appreciate paying tribute to the great artists who left this world, we'd rather that they simply find a way to achieve immortality.

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