Every year, as awards season ramps up and the mad scramble for Oscar gold breaks out into a full-on bare-knuckle brawl of ad campaigns and promotional appearances, studios do everything they can to ensure that their releases will get maximum consideration from the voting body. They trot out stars and behind-the-camera talent for public Q&As, mail screener DVDs by the bundle, and to raise awareness of possibilities in the Original and Adapted Screenplay categories, many of the hopeful studios release their scripts completely for free online to whoever might like to read them. Today, you can catch up on reading with scripts for Steve Jobs, Ex Machina, Straight Outta Compton and more (and we’ll make sure to update as more scripts trickle out in the months to come).

It may seem tedious to go back and read through the dialogue for a movie you’ve already seen, but rereading a script can be an edifying experience and enrich appreciation of the film at hand overall. For instance, one of the newly-available scripts comes from Trainwreck, penned by comedy’s new It Girl, Amy Schumer. In her scene descriptions, her comic voice comes through just as strongly as it does in the dialogue, turning the script into a work of entertainment all its own. Beyond that, there are plenty of juicy punch lines that Schumer and director Judd Apatow couldn’t stuff into the final cut, but the script bring them back to life. And of course, there’s no better crash course for fledgling screenwriters than to simply read, read, read.

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