Season 41 of SNL returned Miley Cyrus to the stage for a ho-hum premiere this past weekend, but all eyes are on Amy Schumer’s first hosting this coming Saturday. The first promo has arrived, already staging a Trainwreck reunion. Well, sort of.

Our first look at this coming Saturday’s sophomore SNL outing (alongside musical guest The Weekend) sees the Inside Amy Schumer Emmy-winner paired with Trainwreck co-star and SNL player Vanessa Bayer, save for Schumer’s inability to remember Bayer’s role in the movie. Another promo spotlights Schumer’s banner year, presumably before it all comes tragically crashing down.

Following Schumer, the NBC sketch comedy great will see Tracy Morgan emerging out of recovery once more to host alongside Demi Lovato. As to changes this year, Season 41 has added comedian Jon Rudnitsky to its featured players, along with Fran Gillespie, Will Stephen, Sudi Green, Paul Masella, Chris Belair, and Dave Sirus to the writers’ room.

Conversely, SNL Season 41 lost fan-favorite Mike O’Brien, along with Claire Mulaney, Alison Rich, Natasha Rothwell and Nick Rutherford. While we gear up for Saturday, check out Amy Schumer’s premiere promos above, and hope for anything but a train wreck .

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