Every director out there has his or her dream project that they hope to get on the big screen one day, but the thing about those movies is that half of the time they don't even pass the development stage. Maybe luck has finally reached director Adam McKay's side for his long in-development project 'The Boys' if Paramount has anything to do with it.

The Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson comic has been the apple of Adam McKay's eye for quite some time. He's been directing one great comedy after another ('Anchorman,' 'The Other Guys') but we all have been anxiously awaiting the day where we find out that 'The Boys' is officially in production. Unfortunately this is a rather dark, violent and anti-superhero movie. The story centers on Wee Hughie whose simple, normal life is turned upside down thanks to a jerk-like superhero. He eventually is recruited to be a member of a CIA operation called "The Boys" who try to put a stop to the horrible superheroes flying around.

Since we're in the midst of happy go lucky superhero franchises, what studio would want to touch this? After all, there isn't any guarantees that audiences will be able to properly digest this. Well, we're all for this project, but who in the studio realm isn't scared to touch this?

But Paramount Pictures doesn't care about any of that. Earlier this year Columbia Pictures passed on the edgy comic book adaptation but yesterday Adam McKay revealed on his Twitter that Paramount picked it up. Since the project is now under the loving care of Paramount, perhaps we'll be seeing more updates on this project fairly soon. McKay's a fine director and to see him take on a property like this with the possibility of casting Simon Pegg and Russell Crowe in the lead roles? Yeah, we think this should be made immediately.