The long gestating remake of the classic 80s comedy 'Summer School' at Paramount has finally found a course of direction by bringing on Adam Sandler and his Happy Madison company to produce the film.

According to THR, after failed incarnations involving Jordan Kerner (producer of 'The Smurfs') and Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci ('Star Trek'), Paramount has taken their remake rights to Adam Sandler and Jack Giaraputo, the men behind Happy Madison, which has seen a hit-or-miss turnout over the years with films like 'Strange Wilderness' and 'Grandma's Boy,' and more recently, the nightmare known as 'Jack and Jill.'

The original 'Summer School' starred Mark Harmon as a gym teacher forced to teach an English class over the summer with a class comprised of high school odds and ends.

Happy Madison's  involvement could signal good or bad things for this project, with the end result being something gleefully reminiscent of 'Billy Madison' or something truly awful -- as in, anything this company has produced since 2008.

There have been no cast announcements, but it's probably safe to assume the usual crop -- Kevin James, Alan Covert, Rob Schneider, et al. -- will be involved.