Psychedelic rock icons Jefferson Airplane brought their acid-laced San Francisco sound to national prominence on the strength of such trippy singles as “Somebody to Love” and “Embryonic Journey” during counterculture’s heyday in the Summer of Love. Modern-day pop songstress Pink, known alternately as P!nk (pronounced ‘P-deep guttural click-nk), has achieved Top 40 success with empowering songs such as “So What,” “U + Ur Hand,” and “Raise Your Glass.” The Airplane sought an expansion of consciousness through aural manipulation and sonic textures; P!nk regularly dominates dancehalls with her tightly-coiled club anthems. It’s safe to say that their fanbases have minimal overlap.

But it’s surely to the excitement of someone that P!nk will cover Jefferson Airplane’s far-out classic “White Rabbit” for the soundtrack of the upcoming film Alice Through the Looking Glass. You can hear the song in the newly released trailer above, and, in the featurette below above, P!nk chats a little bit about her contributions to the soundtrack for this sequel to Tim Burton’s unlikely 2010 blockbuster.

Expectations for this sequel are not exactly sky-high, what with the poor critical reputation of the original and the deluge of similar films that followed in this one’s hundred-million-dollar wake creating fatigue, but perhaps the addition of a little P!nk will seal the deal for those unsure? At the very least, this opens up a world of cross-brand advertising opportunities. Off the cuff: “Get The Party Started on a Saturday night with a showing of Alice Through the Looking Glass at your local cineplex!” That’s a freebie.

P!nk fans will be pleased to know that the chanteuse will contribute not only the aforementioned Jefferson Airplane cover, but also a new original song of her own devising. The film, slated for a debut on May 27, will reunite original stars Mia Wasikowska, Anne Hathaway, Johnny Depp, and Helena Bonham Carter along with newcomers Rhys Ifans (as, inexplicably, the Mad Hatter’s father) and Sacha Baron Cohen as a corporeal manifestation of Time. In the business, we call that “typecasting.”

Alice Through the Looking Glass opens in theaters on May 27.

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