When we compiled our most anticipated movies of 2015 here at ScreenCrush, I fought hard to include Cameron Crowe’s new movie ‘Aloha.’ True, ‘Elizabethtown’ was sort of a disaster (about a disaster, so it was thematically appropriate, if hugely disappointing), and ‘We Bought a Zoo’ wasn’t a whole lot better, but after ‘Jerry Maguire’ and ‘Almost Famous,’ I just refuse to give up hope that this guy will find his way back to that genius he’s shown repeatedly throughout his career.

So now here’s the trailer for ‘Aloha.’ And it looks ... mostly okay? The big red flag for me is the opening with Alec Baldwin bellowing at Bradley Cooper’s character for screwing up something. That’s basically the exact same setup as ‘Elizabethtown,’ where a guy botches a big product launch and then returns home to pick up the pieces of his broken life, where the love of a good woman (played by Kirsten Dunst, the original inspiration for the phrase “Manic Pixie Dream Girl”) eventually redeems him. At least from this trailer, ‘Aloha’ looks an awful lot like a shadow remake of that film, with Cooper as the screw-up and Emma Stone as the quirky soldier he romances.

That lead pairing still sounds really promising, and I like the idea of Bill Murray as a world-weary dispenser of witty but profound advice (basically, he’s playing himself). And Cameron Crowe is too talented a guy to count out forever. I hope this is his comeback. I hope this isn’t his second ‘Elizabethtown.’