It was previously revealed that 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' would not have an end-credit scene, even though the trend has become standard with Marvel-produced films (and though the last 'Spider-Man' movie had one), and would instead feature footage from 'X-Men: Days of Future Past.' Yet now Sony has alerted us there will be a sequence touting future Spider-Adventures, but not the way you'd expect.

Here's what Sony had to say:

After seeing THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 – opening on May 2nd - be sure to Shazam the the credit sequence featuring the song “It’s on Again” by Alicia Keys featuring Kendrick Lamar to unlock a look into the sinister future.  Download @Shazam on iTunes or GooglePlay. #SpiderMan

So, theatergoers are instructed to whip out their phones, and -- hoping they have reception in the theater -- use the Shazam app to get a video (which is odd as Shazam makes more sense for a DC property). On one hand, it's cool that they've thrown something together that likely ties into 'The Sinister Six' spinoff film, but on the other, using your phone in a theater -- even during the end credits -- is something many frown on.

There is evidence that you can see the scene if you simply Shazam the song in question right now, though that may change quickly seeing as how some already figured that out. SuperheroHype has the images for the supposed Sinister Six, which are Dr. Octopus, The Green Goblin, Rhino and The Vulture (who either are or have been shown to be a part of the future episodes) and new candidates Kraven the Hunter and The Chameleon (or possibly Mysterio, there's some question about it). That said, The Wrap is reporting that the actual six in question have not yet been determined as the script isn't finished. That said, it looks like 'The Sinister Six' will start shooting in January 2015.

'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' opens May 2 and is part of Sony's plans to build an empire on the back of Peter Parker, as there are two more sequels promised on top of two spinoff movies ('Sinister Six' and 'Venom'). But the film should do fairly well, considering opening the first week of May has proved rewarding for comic book movies (which have held this spot since 2007), with the lowest-grossing opening weekend coming from 2011's 'Thor,' which still made $65.7 million.

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