During the Marvel games panel, Beenox's Stephane Gravel revealed Amazing Spider-Man would be getting a sequel from the studio in 2014.

Dubbed Amazing Spider-Man 2, the video game follow-up will tie into the second film it shares its name with, however, the game will have its own story and narrative. There will be some cues from the movie, ASM2 will stand its own, assured Gravel. There will be new characters from the upcoming film (Electro and Rhino, perhaps), as well as a few familiar faces from the comics making their first appearances in the Spider-Man movie universe.

Gravel teased there would be new abilities and upgrades available, and there would be a unique reward system in place that will provide added benefits if you do things in a way Uncle Ben would approve. Gravel didn't offer much detail on what exactly that meant, but it doesn't sound like there will be a true morality system in place. Instead, it's more of a guideline for players hoping to get abilities to help them complete the game faster.

Additionally, there will be more sequences involved in which players will take the role of Peter Parker. These segments allow you to play as an investigative journalist, and explore the world a bit more with a different perspective. As Peter didn't really work as a journalist in the first film, perhaps he'll adopt that role in the upcoming movie, too.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 is set to release on current and next-gen consoles alongside the movie, but an exact release date was not given during the panel. We should learn more early next year.