'Amazing Spider-Man 2' continued its New York City shoot this weekend including a pivotal scene from the upcoming sequel. We say "pivotal" to avoid spoilers but we think you Spider-fans reading this know what we're talking about. Yes, that scene. See photos from the scene in question find out how the iconic comic scene will play out on screen. Spoilers ahead!

So if you're a fan of the Spider-Man comics, you know that Gwen Stacy (played in the films by Emma Stone) dies in "Amazing Spider-Man #121" after she's thrown off a bridge by the Green Goblin (in a tragic turn of fate, Spider-Man's attempt to save her with his web shooters is actually what kills her).

"The Night Gwen Stacy Died" is one of the most iconic Marvel storylines and all signs have pointed to director Marc Webb using this plot point in 'Amazing Spider-Man 2.' This was confirmed over the weekend when the 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' crew filmed scenes at various NYC bridges. In the comics, the bridge was drawn as the Brooklyn Bridge but was written as the George Washington Bridge but these scenes were shot at the Manhattan Bridge.

What we see here is Emma Stone, as Gwen Stacy, wearing the exact same outfit as the character in the comics did on the day she died. Spider-Man was also there swinging into action (though it was a stuntman and not Andrew Garfield) and Colm Feore (who's character has yet to be revealed) was also part of the scene.

With the Green Goblin not expected to be a major part of the film, what changes can we expect in the film version of this classic scene? Will Electro throw Gwen off the Bridge? Or Rhino?

We're working on getting more pictures of this 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' shoot and will continue to add as we find them.

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