You’ve seen Shadow Moon and Mr. Wednesday, you’ve seen Mad Sweeney and the Technical Boy. Now, ahead of Starz’s American Gods debut at Comic-Con, sneak a peek at Yetide Badaki as the terrifying love goddess Bilquis, along with an official logo for the Bryan Fuller series, and more to come.

As we head into an official American Gods panel at Comic-Con 2016, Starz released yet another look at the upcoming series, this time in the form of Bilquis, described as “an ancient goddess of love who craves the worship she inspired in eras long gone, and is eager to find that same relevance in today’s world.” Fans of the Neil Gaiman novel will remember the character for a brief, but unforgettable sequence likely teased in the photo above:

Additionally, Starz lauched an official tumblr account for the series to host said photos, which included our first look at the American Gods logo:

For those unfamiliar with Sandman creator Neil Gaiman’s novel, American Gods follows ex-convict Shadow Moon, who partners up with mysterious con-man Mr. Wednesday (secretly a god himself), becoming embroiled in a battle between classic mythological gods who have fallen out of style, and the “new” American gods based on greed, technology and celebrity.

Hannibal creator Fuller and Heroes alum Michael Green will write and and showrun the series, with Gaiman acting as EP (and writing a few episodes), produced by FremantleMedia North America. As with Hannibal, David Slade also directed episodes (including the pilot), as well as produce.

We’ll hear more this week at Comic-Con 2016, but what else might we expect from Starz and Fuller’s adaptation of American Gods? How do the latest photos look?

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