Well, gee willickers, there's a surprise.  We're just hours from the season 2 premiere of 'American Horror Story,' as the Emmy-winning horror serial heads back to the year 1964 for the brand-new tale of 'American Horror Story: Asylum.'  And while viewers were dumbfounded to first learn that the second season would follow an all-new story with mostly-new cast members, somehow, we're not the slightest bit surprised to learn season 1 star Dylan McDermott will return after all.  But, who will the former Dr. Harmon play this time around?

'American Horror Story: Asylum' will make its official FX debut in only a few hours, treating fans of the first season to new characters from season 1 stars Jessica Lange, Zachary Quinto, Lily Rabe, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters, but theirs won't be the only faces returning over the course of the season.  A few weeks ago we were delighted to hear that fellow season 1 stars Frances Conoy and Eric Stonestreet were added to that list, but now it seems the big cheese is finally coming back as well: Dylan McDermott!

Series creator Ryan Murphy himself  first broke the news that McDermott would return, though unsurprisingly isn't offereing any details of who the actor could portray.  Given the nature of the series, we expect Dylan McDermott will play a completely new character, but at this point, we wouldn't be all that surprised to see Ben Harmon again, either!

What say you?  Give us your theories on who Dylan McDermott might return to play, and tune in for the season premiere of 'American Horror Story: Asylum' tonight on FX!

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