You know, we're not even bothered by the fact that 'American Horror Story: Asylum' released yet another bizarrely creepy teaser, especially considering the massive info-dump they gave Entertainment Weekly recently.  Just knowing what we're looking at helps put all the disturbing imagery into context, even if it still isn't painting the clearest picture.  So what is the latest 'American Horror Story: Asylum' teaser telling us?

Another day, another teaser for 'American Horror Story' season 2.  The latest look at Ryan Morphy's sophomore effort returns to the ominous forest we saw in the first teaser, this time highlighting a woman in red with bandages around her wrists.  Why what should happen then, but she get pulled off into the forest in fast motion!  Creepy, no?

At the very least, we learned that the forest surrounding Briarcliff Manor will play host to the "Raspers," biological experimentations of James Cromwell's Dr. Arden, the reason we earlier saw teases of a nun scattering body parts around the wood.  What the lady in red has to do with it we don't know, but every little bit helps!

You can check out all the available details and photos of 'American Horror Story: Asylum' here, and check out the new teaser below!  Give us your theories on what will happen when the show premieres on October 17 in the comments!