Considering the scary-good ratings FX achieved early on in the sophomore year of Ryan Murphy's FX thriller 'American Horror Story,' no one was surprised to see that the network ordered an additional year, or even that Jessica Lange would be first in line to create a new role for the outing. That said, will season 3 be the last year for the Emmy-award winning star? New comments from Sister Jude herself tell us the actress' plans for future American Horror Stories...

Whether or not you've been enjoying 'American Horror Story: Asylum' as much as the previous year, there's no denying that the show owes its success to the character work of veteran actress Jessica Lange, first playing damages southern bell Constance Langdon, and this year the steely Sister Jude. Lange has already signed on for the as-yet-undetermined third cycle of the show, but will it be her last? Lange recently spoke to reporters about her future involvement in the series, saying:

Ryan [Murphy] is very collaborative, so I don't think he would suddenly pull something out of his hat that I would suddenly say, 'I absolutely don't want to be involved with this story.

Sometimes, episode to episode, I think, 'Oh my God, what the hell are we doing? We shouldn't be doing this!' And yet, the thing that always amazes me is nothing that we do in this show, really, is not somehow founded in some reality somewhere.

Unless we really sink the ship, I can't imagine that there would be something that Ryan came up with that I would not want to be involved with.

It remains to be seen who else from the franchise could return for a third season of 'American Horror Story,' or even what the premise could be, but viewers are expected to pay close attention to the final episodes of the current season for a clue, as Murphy did when the previous season alluded to psych wards of the past.

What say you? Can you envision an 'American Horror Story' that Jessica Lange didn't take part in? How have you been enjoying the new season?