Andrew Garfield previously said that he'd like to see Spider-Man and The Avengers team up on-screen, but that doesn't mean his wants have become reality. Despite alleged photographic evidence of the web-slinging actor moseying around on the 'Avengers 2' set, it all turns out to be one big hoax!

If you are a frequent peruser of Reddit, you may have come across the below image, seemingly depicting Andrew Garfield in his 'Amazing Spider-Man' getup amid the crowds of extras and crew standing next to director Joss Whedon and his Quicksilver, Aaron Taylor-Johnson:

If you got your hopes up thinking perhaps Sony and Disney came to some sort of understanding and decided to have Spidey cross over into the 'Age of Ultron,' sorry to burst your bubble. This situation wasn't even a case of misunderstanding or misreading the material; the photo is a straight-up Photoshop job.

The original photo depicts the scene exactly as it appears above but without Garfield (who was Photoshopped in from an 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' set photo):

avengers 2 set
Getty Images

You can see the actual photos from the Quicksilver scene HERE. 'Avengers 2' newcomers Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen were on location in Aosta, Italy, with Whedon and their co-star Jeremy Renner filming a scene in which Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye do battle against Ultron's numerous minions. All your favorite heroes, from Iron Man to Black Widow, are returning for 'Avengers 2,' while James Spader voices the evil robot Ultron, Thomas Kretschmann reprises his role of Baron von Strucker from the 'Captain America 2' post-credits scene, and Paul Bettany upgrades his J.A.R.V.I.S. duties with a role as Vision.

'Avengers 2' hits theaters May 1, 2015, and we'll have more to report from our visit to the set before then.

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