Anger Management’ continues on its 90-episode, two-year run with its 21st overall episode “Charlie Dates Crazy, Sexy, Angry,” as Charlie falls back into a relationship with Lori (Denise Richards), while the group tries to find Lacey a match and Kate and Jen share a girls' night out.

Previous episode “Charle & Catholicism” saw Martin’s efforts to expose Sam to Catholicism causing Charlie to re-examine his position on religion, and whether or not it belongs in their family, so what will the latest episode bring?  Are there more laughs to be had in the twenty-first half-hour of ‘Anger Management,’ or does it fall flat?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Anger Management’ episode 21, “Charlie Dates Crazy, Sexy, Angry!”

Charlie returns a cantankerous Sam home to her mother, but Jen warms him that his ex-girlfriend Lori is in the kitchen helping to conjure their latest failed business idea. When she enters, Lori apologizes to Charlie that she last let their relationship fall apart over her issues with birth control, and offers to come over the following day to give it another try. Later, Charlie runs the idea by Kate, continuing in spite of her reservations, while Jen persuades Kate to go on a night out with her.

In session, Lacey complains about her inability to find someone rich to settle down with, even after joining a website designed for the idea. Patrick offers to help her streamline her profile, drawing the competitive spirits of Ed and Nolan. Charlie supports the competition to help give Lacey perspective, but warns the men to be careful of whom they attract by posing as Lacey.

Later, after his first night with Lori, Charlie voices his dissatisfaction that she seemed quiet the entire time, despite her insistence it was good for her. Charlie brings his concerns to Michael the next day, realizing he can’t continue on with the relationship if the sex isn’t enthusiastic. Meanwhile, Kate ends up bored at the bar with Jen, given that both the neighboring firemen and musicians only seem to be hitting on Jen.

Over at another bar, Patrick, Ed and Nolan present their matches to Lacey, but only Patrick’s choice seems like a viable candidate to meet. Elsewhere, Lori arrives at Charlie’s expecting a surprise on word from her psychic, to which Charlie regrettably begins to dump her. Lori takes offense to Charlie’s suggestions about her sexual performance, finding that her anger gives Charlie the enthusiasm he’d been craving.

In therapy with Kate, Charlie apologizes for going into such detail about the good sex, but Kate suggests that Lori clearly has anger issues. Charlie accuses her of being jealous, while back at the bar Lacey informs Patrick that his date stood her up for their date. Patrick reveals that he went to screen the match just to be sure, only to realize he was more interested in Patrick than he would have been in Lacey.

Kate and Jen give it a go at an art gallery, but Kate still finds that the men go for Jen. When she confronts one of them, the man reveals that Kate gives off an attached vibe, but to prove him wrong, Kate hits on a stranger and aggressively invites him back to her place. Meanwhile back at Charlie’s, Lori’s sexual prowess once again proves disappointing, to which Charlie again riles her up, but soon realizes the mistake he’s making and dumps her for good.

Back at Kate’s house, Kate positions her gentleman friend all around the room, but soon finds that nothing feels right, and admits she has an attachment to a man after all. That night, Charlie and Kate catch up over texts, admitting one another to be right and making plans for the next day, as Kate falls asleep next to her phone.

It seems 'Anger Management will likely take a break every ten episodes, and that doesn't bother us in the slightest. "Charlie Dates Crazy, Sexy, Angry" certainly doesn't rank among the series' best, falling into too many sitcom cliches, not particularly well-utilizing Denise Richards. It should be noted as well, that Denise is looking a bit thin these days, even by Hollywood standards. In any case, we like the continued through-line of Kate's growing attachment to Charlie, but hope to see it go somewhere soon beyond the occasional reprise.

Did you enjoy the latest from ‘Anger Management’s ongoing run, or did it make you burn with rage? Join us next time for another all-new ‘Anger Management’ episode recap of “Charlie Gets Lindsay Lohan in Trouble” on FX!