Another week, another ratings-gobbling venture for Charlie Sheen! ‘Anger Management’ season 1 enjoys the danger with its sixth episode, as Charlie Goodson finds his new, danger-obsessed lady friend to be a patient of Kate's, thereby a conflict of interest, while the group tries to rely on one another for support.

Last week’s fourth episode  “Charlie Tries to Prove Therapy is Legit” saw the therapist desperately trying to prove to his ex’s attractive business partner (Denise Richards) that therapy constitutes a real practice, so what will the most recent outing bring?  Are there more laughs to be had in the sixth half-hour, or is it all thrill and no pay-off?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Anger Management’ episode 6, “Charlie Date's Kate's Patient!”

At the day’s session, Lacey explains that she recently broke her middle finger after getting into a violent altercation with a woman at a club, having been unable to get in contact with Charlie.  Charlie insists that they should all know the anger management techniques between the four of them , and implements a buddy system to call one another in case of an emergency.  That will never backfire, at all!

The next day at Kate’s office, Charlie arrives to find an older man named Victor leaving, which he does his best to stay cool about in spite of Kate’s fawning over Victor's intellect.  Clearly self-conscious about his own intelligence next to her new beau, Charlie reminds her that they still have a date for that night.  Later, at a local coffee shop, Charlie finds himself flirting with an attractive, yet obscenely intelligent barista who messed up his order.  Following a short bet, Allie agrees to have dinner with him.

Later that night in bed with Kate, Charlie confesses that he made a new friend who finds him fascinating, but the two quickly realize that Allie is actually a patient of Kate’s.  In order to treat the girl objectively, Kate asks that Charlie not see her romantically, to which the therapist reluctantly agrees, admitting that he doesn’t often have women as merely friends.

Elsewhere, Patrick places a call to Ed to come over and calm him down, while his neighbors engage in a raucous party.  When Ed refuses, Patrick next calls Lacey as she waits in line at another club, and agrees to come by so long as Nolan gives her a ride there.  Meanwhile at dinner, Allie hands Charlie a copy of her extra long dissertation, but when Charlie tries to break it off because of Kate, Allie reveals that she gets off on forbidden sex and ushers him into the bathroom with her.

The next day, after failing to get a dissertation summary from Sam and ushering out his friend from poaching the group’s pastries, the patients arrive.  Evidently, the night culminated in Ed having to bail the other three out of jail, having gone to Patrick’s neighbors’ party, and getting drunk enough to later hide from the police…in a police car.  Though the exercise seems to have proved a bit futile, at least no one had to call Charlie!

Later, Charlie and Allie nap on the couch when Charlie’s ex-wife Jennifer enters!  She’s none-too-unnerved to see her ex with another woman though, but Allie only uses the opportunity to stage a possible sex game.  Just when things can’t get any worse, Kate arrives looking for a pair of binoculars (and maybe a quickie!).  While Charlie desperately tries to lead Kate through the house without having her see Allie, Allie continues playfully taunting him by threatening to reveal herself.  When Kate finds the binoculars and departs, Allie has a better idea – why not do it in Kate’s office?

Though the pair make it to Kate’s office with the intent of doing the dirty deed, Charlie’s conscience ultimately gets the better of him, and he refuses to do that to his friend.  He even tells Kate about it later that night, who tepidly accepts blame for goading Charlie into being insecure about his intelligence.  Victor won’t be a problem anymore either, having written her a love sonnet, and the two decide to do it on Charlie’s couch with the fear of getting caught by Jennifer.

Still not a whole lot of laughs to be found in 'Anger Management,' unless you're into this sort of show, but at the very least it was nice to see the patients take on a bit of their own story outside of Charlie, however undeveloped.  We're also seeing a bit of cracking from Kate on her feelings toward Charlie, but it's hard to say if it'll amount to anything worthwhile.

Did you like the latest episode of ‘Anger Management,’ or did it make you seethe with rage?  What did you think about the episode?  Join us  next week for another all-new ‘Anger Management’ episode recap of “Charlie's Patient Gets Out of Jail” on FX!