After a long week of Comic-Con 2012, we're ready to make way for Charlie Sheen! ‘Anger Management’ season 1 is out to prove itself with its fifth episode, as Charlie Goodson desperately tries to prove to his ex's attractive business partner (Denise Richards) that therapy constitutes a real practice.

Last week’s fourth episode  “Charlie and Kate Battle Over A Patient” saw the therapist coming to competition with his pseudo-lover over who best to treat Patrick, so what will the most recent outing bring?  Are there more laughs to be had in the fifth half-hour, or is it all a bunch of bull?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Anger Management’ episode 5, “Charlie Tries to Prove Therapy is Legit!”

During a session with the group, Patrick comes clean about having burned his boyfriend’s clothes out of anger, but ultimately shared a heart-to-heart that solved the problem.  When the session ends, Patrick attempts to bring up the apparent ghost of his mother, but Charlie defers it for the next session.

Afterward, Charlie’s wife Jennifer shows up looking for his support in a new business venture of traveling manicures, though he doesn’t express any interest until happening upon her beautiful business partner Lori (Denise Richards)!  Charlie quickly changes his tune, looking to impress her with his generosity for his ex-wife, to which Lori shares the sentiment of her own crazy ex (hardy har-har)

After finally convincing his ex the next day, Charlie gets his chance to go on a date with Lori, where all seems well until she defers sleeping together for a later date, and seemingly in the process makes a crack about the ineffectiveness of therapy.  The next day, Charlie asks Jennifer about the remark, confirming that Lori  doesn’t strictly believe in therapy, a fairly commonly held sentiment.

The next night, Charlie shares a Skype date with Lori, where she admits that they should sleep together at thir next meeting, though Charlie’s diagnosis that her sexual freedom comes from her close-knit family falls on deaf ears.  Just then, Kate comes over looking for a little action of her own, but Charlie impresses that he wants to respect their boundaries with regard to external relationships, as much as Lori’s aversion to therapy infuriates him.  Kate presumes that he’ll be back in her bed by the end of the week, but Charlie resolves to change Lori’s mind.

Charlie asks Lori to sit in on one of his sessions, wherein a man named Rodney shows up to explain how much therapy helped him.  Rodney lost 20 years of his life to anger, but swears by Charlie’s management techniques, but a simple question from Lori of how long he can control his anger quickly spirals out of control, as the man’s rage over being cheated on by both his ex and new lady-love boils over.  Rodney attacks management doll Bobo mercilessly, as Lori makes a discrete exit, her point made.

Readying for bed with Kate, Charlie professes that he isn’t in the mood, and she tries to make him feel better with a story her mother once told her about ducks and fish, that some people are simply incompatible no matter how hard they try.  Just when it seems like Charlie might be getting his Mojo back, Patrick calls, hysterical that his mother’s ghost is plaguing the house.  Reluctantly, Charlie agrees to come help, because he’s just that kind of therapist.

Over at Patrick’s, Charlie goes along with every whim to try to calm the angry spirit, who seemingly won’t tell her son what’s angering her, when it quickly becomes apparent that Patrick’s fights with his boyfriend Scott seem to precipitate the “ghost.”  Guessing that he had a co-dependent relationship with his mother, Charlie gets Patrick to realize that the “ghost” manifested because Patrick was unsure of having his boyfriend move in so soon.  Pacified, Patrick assures Charlie that he’s a good therapist.

The next day, Charlie explains the breakthrough to Lori, though she insists the two needn’t necessarily believe in everything about the other’s beliefs.  For instance, she believes in ghosts, astrology, psychics, and yes, even Paul Abdul!  Finally, despite the promise of sex, Charlie lets Lori go in favor of another romp with Kate.  Mischief managed.

So, we've hit on Charlie Sheen's exit from 'Two and A Half Men,' and now we've poked fun at his relationship with Denise Richards.  What's next?  Charlie and his patients go to see the 'Major League' reboot?  Actually, that sounds like it could be pretty awesome...

Did you like the latest episode of ‘Anger Management,’ or did it make you seethe with rage?  What did you think about the episode?  Join us  next week for another all-new ‘Anger Management’ episode recap of “Charlie Date's Kate's Patient” on FX!