Anger Management’ continues on its 90-episode, two-year run with its 18th overall episode “Charlie & Cee-Lo,” as Charlie begins working with Cee-Lo Green only to find himself tasked with firing people for him, while Nolan helps Lacey with a lingerie photo shoot for her modeling career.

Previous episode “Charlie Dates a Teacher” saw Charlie's performance in bed with Sam’s teacher (Danielle Bisutti) adversely affecting his daughter’s grades, while Lacey (Noureen DeWulf) had continued sex dreams about Charlie and asked for Kate’s help, so what will the latest episode bring?  Are there more laughs to be had in the eighteenth half-hour of ‘Anger Management,’ or are we like, "f--- you?"

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Anger Management’ episode 18, “Charlie & Cee-Lo!”

During a group session, Lacey announces her decision to become a lingerie model as a means of getting back at her mother. Having photographed her before in secret, Nolan offers to help Lacey put together a portfolio, to which she agrees after being impressed by his work. Jumping in to talk about himself, Patrick admits that he took Charlie’s advice to quit his job at the department store, but has already begun to regret the lack of a paycheck.

Just before breaking, Charlie announced that he has a famous client dropping by, Cee-Lo Green, urging the group not to gawk. The celebrity himself appears as the group gets up to leave, Lacey offering her phone to the man to call. Inside, Cee-Lo regrettably relays that traditional therapy won’t work for him, but rather he needs someone on-call all hours of the day during his stressful tour, so that he can avoid blowing up and keep his peaceful image. Charlie agrees, using the situation to get Patrick a job working as a stylist for Cee-Lo, and urging him not to call Lacey.

Over at Lacey’s apartment Nolan prepares to shoot, understandably gawking at the sight of his crush in lingerie. After a few photos, Nolan urges Lacey to alter her posture to get her good side, but the very idea she even has a bad side unexpectedly turns her on. She kisses Nolan, noting that no one had ever been honest with her before, as the confused man accepts.

Elsewhere, Charlie and Kate begin to tear one another’s clothes off, before Cee-Lo calls to summon Charlie away. Kate stresses that he’s become overly involved with one of his patients, but Charlie reminds her he’s helping Patrick by accepting Cee-Lo’s demanding schedule.

The next morning, an exhausted Charlie tells Jen and Sam about his new client, before the celebrity unexpectedly show’s up at Charlie’s home. As the women gawk, Cee-Lo asks Charlie to help fire his assistant to keep a positive image. Elsewhere, Nolan chats with Brett at the bar about his confusion with Lacey, as Brett explains that girls who base self-esteem on looks have unexpected reactions to criticism.

Charlie arrives at Cee-Lo’s set, first greeting Patrick and observing  an elaborate gold jacket he designed, before greeting Cee-Lo himself. Cee-Lo introduces Charlie to his assistant Steve, singing the young man’s praises, before privately urging Charlie to fire him. With no other option, Charlie reluctantly tells Steve he won’t have to work late that night. Elsewhere, Nolan feeds Lacey’s insecurity about the pictures, but quickly confesses the truth about the manipulation and gets thrown out for his honesty.

Back at Charlie’s house, Kate throws away the phone and turns out the lights, but the moment things get passionate Cee-Lo shows up to the door with a flashlight and his girlfriend Vicky. Kate storms out in a huff, as Cee-Lo privately asks Charlie to break up with the boring girl for him, threatening Patrick’s job if Charlie doesn’t oblige. Charlie agrees to talk to the girl, but at the last moment places Cee-Lo on the spot to break up with the girl himself.

The next day Charlie pays a visit to Patrick’s apartment to apologize for getting him fired, pointing out that he had to be his own man. Charlie reminds Patrick that the jacket he made for Cee-Lo was the most excited the therapist had ever seen his patient, and that he should think about design school rather than go back to the department store. Patrick worries about affording it, but reasons he could if he cut back some of his more ludicrous expenditures.

Over at the bar, Nolan laments to Brett that telling the truth got him nowhere, but Lacey appears behind him to thank him for not taking advantage of her. Nolan asks her out the normal way, but Lacey puts forth that having been seen at her weakest, she’ll need to reassert her dominance, first kissing him, then telling him he can’t have her.

Back at Charlie’s house after sex, Charlie and Kate recover from all the tension they’d previously built up. Kate proposes they go again, to which Charlie sweeps the kitchen table, but reluctantly realizes they’d be more comfortable upstairs.

Ah, the old familiar trope of the celebrity guest-appearance. Whether or not you buy that a mid-range therapist like Charlie would be tasked with treating someone like Cee-Lo Green, the celebrity himself only proves a minor portion of the plot. More impressive is that the writing actually builds the characters around Cee-Lo, getting Patrick to realize his ambitions of going to design school and advancing the romance between Patrick and Lacey. 'Anger Management' falls into plenty of sitcom pitfalls here and there, but can still manage to surprise with some even writing.

Did you enjoy the latest from ‘Anger Management’s ongoing run, or did it make you burn with rage? Join us next week for another all-new ‘Anger Management’ episode recap of “Charlie is an Expert Witness” on FX!