As expected, Anne Hathaway won the Best Supporting Actress award at the 2013 Golden Globes for her performance in 'Les Miserables.' Does this mean she's a shoo-in for an Oscar win?

Jonah Hill and Megan Fox were on hand to present the Best Supporting Actress award and, as many had predicted, the award went to Anne Hathaway for her musical performance in 'Les Miserables.'

Despite being the frontrunner for the category, Hathaway seemed legitimately surprised - or perhaps that once again proves how good she is as an actress.

On stage, Hathaway thanked her co-star Hugh Jackman, director Tom Hooper (who she revealed cried along with her as she was filming her scenes) and just about everyone else she could think of until the orchestra played her off stage.

Do you think Hathaway's 2013 Golden Globes win means she'll win an Oscar for 'Les Miserables?'

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