Looks like we might be seeing Edgar Wright's 'Ant-Man' a little sooner than expected -- though not too soon, of course, as the director is currently working on 'The World's End,' the finale to his blood and ice cream trilogy preceded by 'Shaun of the Dead' and 'Hot Fuzz.'

According to Latino Review, rumor has it that Marvel is looking to add 'Ant-Man' to their 2014 slate alongside 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and 'Captain America 2.' The site says they've confirmed that this is indeed the plan, with 'Ant-Man' starting production immediately following the completion of 'Thor: The Dark World.' That film will begin production this August in London, putting 'Ant-Man' into production some time in spring or summer of 2013.

Of course, all of this can only happen if Wright completes production of 'The World's End' in time.

Wright recently screened some early test footage of 'Ant-Man' at Comic Con and it went over like gangbusters with the packed crowd of the famed Hall H. Based on the Marvel character, 'Ant-Man' tells the story of Hank Pym, a doctor who discovered a substance that allows him to convert his size, giving him a sizable (pun intended) advantage against his opponents.