As FX's earlier season 5 renewal of animated spy comedy 'Archer' proved, one shouldn't fix what isn't broken. Hence, just as 'Archer' recruited AMC Emmy darling and 'Breaking Bad' star Bryan Cranston to lend his voice as a space station commander in the season 3 finale, so too has FX turned to AMC's other leading dramatic male Jon Hamm to voice an undersea commander in the two-part season 4 closer! Find out the 'Sealab 2021' twist 'Mad Men's Jon Hamm brings to 'Archer' inside!

Along with the earlier season 5 renewal FX granted to 'Archer' earlier today, the network revealed a 'Mad' bit of casting we hadn't been privy to before. Whereas we knew 'Archer' season 4's two-part finale would take the ISIS crew to an underwater base referencing series creator Adam Reed's earlier series 'Sealab 2021,' none other than 'Mad Men's Jon Hamm will voice its potentially deranged Captain Murphy!

The two-part finale will air on April 4 and April 11 respectively, while upcoming episodes will also include 'Bob's Burgers' stars Eugene Mirman and Kristen Schaal. It isn't known if the pair will appear in their 'Bob's Burgers' character likenesses, given the cross-over of sorts that occurred in season 4 premiere "Fugue and Riffs," in which the children didn't speak.

So while we now fully expect the 'Archer' season 5 finale to feature 'The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln as a commander of a secret volcano base, what say you? Are you excited that 'Archer' was renewed for season 5, and that 'Mad Men's Jon Hamm will join the 'Sealab 2021'-inspired finale? Check out a preview for tonight's "Live and Let Dine" below, and give us your thoughts in the comments!