As FX prepares to launch the next round of series from its 2013 lineup, including tonight's 'Archer' season 4 premiere, a double-dose of 'Anger Management's' 90-episode run and Jim Jefferies new comedy 'Legit,' we were on hand at the recent 'Archer Live!' performance in New York City to hang with the cast, see live recreations of classic 'Archer' moments, as well as gain classified intelligence on the upcoming season! What celebrity guest stars haven't we heard yet? And what classic "Sealab" will be referenced in the coming season? Get your 'Archer' season 4 spoilers before tonight's premiere!

A few months ago we told you about FX's awesome upcoming "Archer Live!" tour, a four-city event that would see the cast take to the stage before screaming fans to talk about the series, answer fan questions and re-enact a number of fan-favorite moments amidst snippets and teasers of the new season, premiering tonight on FX. We were on hand in New York City to take in all the madness, as well as speak with the cast, so what did we learn?

We'd already known that 'Justified' star Timothy Olyphant would guest in a coming episode as a past ISIS agent just a bit too friendly with our hero Sterling (H. Jon Benjamin), but 'Archer' (and beloved 'Arrested Development') star Jessica Walter revealed that her real-life husband Ron Leibman would be joining the cast in a semi-regular capacity as "Ron Cadillac," who -- SPOILER ALERT -- marries Archer's mother Malory and becomes something of a father figure!

Executive producer Matt Thompson also previewed that show secured a guest spot from celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, who will ruthlessly parody his persona as a "bastard chef," something we saw in clips from the coming season. Other guest stars are being kept under wraps for now, but amid all the 'Arrested Development' love from the event, Jessica Walter admitted that Michael Cera had an interest in doing a voice, while Aisha Tyler would "rather have Jason Bateman...on me."

Among the upcoming plots, Matt Thompson previewed that one episode titled "The Papal Chase" (a reference to 'The Paper Chase') would see Archer's trusty servant Woodhouse doubling as The Pope, while a climactic episode of the season would pay homage to Adam Reed and Thompson's past Adult Swim series 'Sealab 2021.' Not only will the 'Archer' characters visit a "sea lab," but also run afoul of a "Captain Murphy" as well!

Elsewhere, the audience was treated to everything from DVD highlights to t-shirt cannons (which thanks to a mix-up with Irving, Texas and Irving Place, NY, were blank and graciously signed by the cast afterward). In particular, Lucky Thompson (Dr. Krieger) showed fans a snippet of an upcoming special feature from the 'Archer' season 4 DVD (yes, available next year), featuring the depraved Krieger starring in his own anime, more specifically tentacle porn, with his virtual bride!

We'll be on hand to review tonight's 'Archer' season 4 premiere "Fugue and Riffs," but in the meantime what say you? Are you looking forward to having 'Archer' back for another season? Check out the latest preview below, and tell us what you want to see from 'Archer' season 4 in the comments!