First, 'Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston took the 'Archer' gang into outer space. The next year, 'Mad Men''s Jon Hamm caused mayhem on the ocean floor. We thought for sure 'The Walking Dead''s Andrew Lincoln would next strike from a volcanic base, but we were close! 'Dead' star Lauren Cohan will in fact lend her vocal talents to 'Archer' season 5, opposite 'SNL' alum and 'Portlandia' creator Fred Armisen!

Via Entertainment Weekly, Cohan will first be heard in the March 31 'Archer: Vice' installment as Juliana Calderon, a European socialite married to a Central American dictator (Armisen), who herself has designs on Sterling Archer. Armisen's dictator meanwhile becomes infatuated with Cheryl Cherlene (Judy Greer), in the midst of her rise to country-music stardom.

Elsewhere, the newly-minted 'Vice' season of ‘Archer’ includes ubiquitous actor Gary Cole as a recurring FBI agent integral to ISIS’ downfall, while Christian Slater had been in talks for a role, as well, and ‘Sons of Anarchy‘ star Ron Perlman once again lends his voice as Ramon Limon.

We've been enjoying the shakeup madness of 'Archer' season 5 plenty, but what say you? Does Lauren Cohan seem like a perfect fit for the series, or would you have preferred the trifector of AMC male leads? Watch the latest preview below, and tell us who you'd like to hear guest in the comments!