We were a bit surprised to have FX renew 'Archer' for a sixth and seventh season simultaneously, but moreover curious to see if the sixth would continue the 'Vice' shakeup still in play for season 5. Now, it seems that 'Archer' will get back to doing what it does best, undergoing a season 6 "deboot" to return to the series' spy setting.

Via Entertainment Weekly, series creator and showrunner Adam Reed has revealed that season 6 of the spy-spoofing drama will drop its experimental 'Vice' phase, saying "I think this next season we will sort of unreboot, or whatever — deboot. and get back to the basics of some spy missions.” The concept was first introduced by season 5 premiere "White Elephant," wherein the FBI shut down the ISIS agency after years of Malory (Jessica Walter)'s unlicensed operation.

That said, 'Archer' season 6 has no intention to ignore continuity of the fifth season, however the team returns to work at their old jobs. Lana, for instance, will have had her baby by season 6, and will often require assistance from the other regulars in babysitting, as Reed joked about Pam's bizarre babysitting habits providing a highlight

We can't say we're altogether surprised to see 'Archer' returning to its roots in the coming season, nor do we regret the decision to shake things up for a year, but what do you think? Was 'Vice' the best season or 'Archer' yet, or will you prefer season 6 getting back to business with Sterling as a super-spy once more?