Whether or not you bought its 2015 cliffhanger the first time around, dat Arrow isn’t pulling Felicity out of the woods just yet. A new promo for the 2016 premiere sees Oliver on the warpath to avenge her against Damien Darhk, while Anarky also returns to liven up the party.

The CW’s latest look at Arrow Season 4 takes us into the January 20 premiere, as Oliver mows down ghosts to confront the powerful H.I.V.E. leader, before Felicity seemingly takes a turn for the worse out of surgery. Keep in mind, repeated suggestion of Felicity as the one in that flash-forward grave only makes it less likely, but you can’t blame Arrow for trying.

Also worth noting, it looks as if Alexander Calvert is back in his role as Lonnie Machin, leaving the “Anarky” calling card, and this time wearing a burn mask to put himself closer in line with the comic counterpart.

Arrow has yet to released an official synopsis for its 2016 return, but check out the “Blood Debts” trailer above, and stay tuned for the latest on poor Felicity’s prognosis.

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