Tonight's all-new 'Arrow' episode "Vendetta" is set to earn the fledgling city some serious street cred, featuring the show's first real team-up between costumed heroes Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and The Huntress (Jessica De Gow), but it might be 2012's mid-season finale "Year's End" that fans should really look out for. Series star David Ramsey (Diggle) believes next week's episode will be the most intense yet, with a conclusion rivaling the season 4 finale of 'Dexter!' What could be so shocking to earn 'Arrow' such a comparison?

'Arrow' will inspire many a geekgasm with tonight's "Vendetta," as Oliver Queen and Helena Bertinelli put aside their differences to explore a life of fighting crime, but things could get very bloody by next week's episode "Year's End." Not only will Oliver come face to face (or hood to hood) with a dark reflection of himself in the mysterious "Dark Archer," but 'Arrow' star David Ramsey believes that the episode's weight could rival 'Dexter's infamous season 4 finale "The Getaway," which - SPOILER ALERT - saw Dexter Morgan finding his own wife dead by the Trinity Killer.

Ramsey might know what he's talking about, having starred in 'Dexter' across 2 seasons.  Here's what Ramsey had to say to Entertainment Weekly of the episode:

[After the midseason finale] you’re going to be left thinking, ‘No, they didn’t!’ It’s that big. [On] Dexter, they had this huge cliffhanger at the end of one of the seasons where they killed off Rita…It’s going to be bigger than that. Huge.

Mighty strong words, to be certain. For those unfamiliar, Ramsey has been well-received on 'Arrow' as Oliver Queen's bodyguard-turned-partner John Diggle, increasingly integral to the series and soon to be the subject of his own further character explorations.

What say you? Do you think 'Arrow' really has such a shocking twist in store as to be compared to 'Dexter?' How have you been enjoying the first season?