Arrow hasn’t played particularly coy with the fact that Oliver and Felicity will be altar-bound at some point in Season 4, and whatever misery Oliver’s big secret inflicts in tomorrow’s “Taken,” Olicity still stands. Literally! See a first look at an upright Felicity in a wedding dress, as Arrow prepares for the wedding that everything will definitely go perfectly fine at. Why wouldn’t it?

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim shared the first photo of Oliver and Felicity’s nuptials from an upcoming Arrow installment, the most notable aspect of which seems to be that Curtis delivered on his promise for Felicity to walk (or at least stand) down the aisle.

Of course, that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach will remind you that Oliver and Felicity decidedly weren’t seen sporting wedding bands in the graveyard flash-forward, but since when have weddings themselves ever been a source of drama for TV? Surely everything will go according to plan, and not end with supervillains throwing bloody murder in all directions.

In the meantime, Arrow will bring a live-action Vixen to the screen with “Taken,” prior to Oliver and Felicity taking their vows. Who wants to take bets on what villain crashes the party?

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