Even as Arrow and The Flash drop spoilery teases of their upcoming finale episodes, we still have little clue what to make of the proposed spinoff teaming The Atom, Hawkgirl, Rip Hunter, Captain Cold, Caity Lotz and more. Now, a few new tidbits may have emerged indicating which new DC heroes could pop up on The Flash, and how Caity Lotz might slip back into a Canary role.

Take this all with a grain of salt for the moment, but paparazzi reports making the rounds of The Flash have uncovered some intriguing details, specifically the presence of Caity Lotz in a white suit, as well as a trailer for actress Ciara Renee that suggests her Kendra Saunders character would appear on The Flash before the end of the season. Also unconfirmed but plausible, is that Lotz’s white suit places her in the role of “White Canary,” a mysterious DC martial artist often used as a villain to the Birds of Prey.

Recently adding Renee and Arthur Darvill, with a third DC superhero yet to be cast, the untitled spinoff anchored by Arrow star Brandon Routh’s Atom also boasts among its cast Victor Garber’s Dr. Martin Stein, Wentworth Miller’s Captain Cold and Dominic Purcell’s Heat Wave. Eyed for a midseason 2016 debut, the CW spinoff has also obscured whether a formal order of 23 episodes will join Arrow and The Flash, or if the untitled team-up series would act as a miniseries of sorts.

We’ll learn more about the spinoff (potentially even a title) in the coming weeks, but what other characters might pop up on Arrow or The Flash before year’s end? Might Canary also be a villain this time around?

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