As much as it remains to be seen what fans and new viewers alike make of The CW's forthcoming superhero drama 'Arrow,' we're all eyes and ears to see where the Green Arrow adaptation goes after its strong pilot.  The public won't be able to catch the full debut of the series until Wednesday, October 3, but how would you like an early taste?  Will 'Arrow' be the hero TV audiences deserve, but not the one it needs right now?

While we patiently await the arrival of our new favorite TV superhero 'Arrow,' The CW has been gracious enough to issue a brand-new trailer for the series that highlights what particular brand of action-packed "Justice" Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen brings to the city.  Behind that, the big question remains...exactly what happened to Oliver Queen on the island in which he was marooned?

And remember, even though 'Arrow' may look to distance itself from 'Smallville's adaptation of the Superman mythos, additionally shying away from Green Lantern, Batman and Wonder Woman, the series will include such DC characters as The Huntress, Deadshot, China White and Deathstroke the Terminator.  'Arrow' may even have himself a bit of superhero company if The CW decides to follow through on its Wonder Woman adaptation 'Amazon.'

Check out the thrilling new promo for 'Arrow' below, and tell us if you'll be tuning in for the arrowed avenger beginning Wednesday, October 3!