DC fans, it's time to forget all about 'Smallville.'  Whereas the 2000's-era Superman drama took its time in introducing comic book DC characters into the live-action mix, The CW's upcoming Green Arrow adaptation 'Arrow' is lining its quiver with them.  Not only will Deadshot, Deathstroke the Terminator and China White all take aim at Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen, but now we've learned The Huntress is on the prowl!

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, The CW's 'Arrow' iteration of Dinah Lance had best keep her eyes on her man Oliver Queen, now that The Huntress is coming out to play!  The modern retelling of the classic Green Arrow character is recruiting Australian TV actress Jessica De Gouw to play DC character The Huntress for a multi-episode arc of the show's first season.

EW reports that De Gouw's Huntress will have the modern comic Helena Bertinelli identity, daughter of a mob boss who swears revenge after her family's murder.  The character is often associated with Batman comics more-so than Green Arrow, but as we've mentioned before, 'Arrow' will hold off on utilizing any characters still more closely linked with Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise...for now.

Showing up around the sixth episode of the show's first season, the Huntress' official character description reads:

Helena is a potential love interest for Oliver Queen; a fellow vigilante, set on destroying her father’s organized crime empire. But Helena’s blind pursuit of revenge will put her on a collision course with the Arrow.

De Gouw's Huntress is the first fellow DC hero to be added to the series, following the announcements that Deadshot (Michael Rowe) and China White (Kelly Hu) would menace Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen, as well as several teases of DC big bad Deathstroke the Terminator.  Additionally, 'Torchwood' star John Barrowman was recently added to she series in an unnamed, but apparently major role.

Interestingly, 'Arrow' isn't the first time The Huntress has been brought to life on the small screen, as Ashley Scott portrayed the character in The WB's failed superhero drama 'Birds of Prey,' using the "Helena Kyle" identity of Batman and Catwoman's daughter.

What say you?  Are you excited to have another DC character gear up for The CW's 'Arrow?'  Will you check out the series when it premieres on October 10?  Tell us what characters you'd like to see in the comments below!