The Flash fans will have a chance to see their hero through Kevin Smith’s eyes by ante-penultimate Season 2 outing “The Runaway Dinosaur,” as well an early installment of Season 3, but would the Yoga Hosers director ever take on Arrow? Not behind the camera, perhaps, though Smith now wants to write an episode or two of The Flash’s DC TV progenitor, adapting a famous villain from his own comic run.

Speaking to Variety of his work directing “The Runaway Dinosaur,” Smith dismissed the idea of joining the CW speedster’s writing staff, even temporarily, preferring to keep his work with the superhero property as a directing exercise. That said, Smith would be open to writing Arrow episodes (despite previously expressing some disinterest with the show), if only to adapt the “Onomatopoeia” character introduced during his own 2002 run in Green Arrow comics:

I wouldn’t want to write on ‘Flash.’ I would, though, like to write on ‘Arrow’ … I would love to jump in for a one or two episode arc just to bring that Onomatopoeia character to life. That would be so badass – I created this character in the comics and then to do a live-action version of it that fit into their universe, fit into the run of their show? That would be exciting to me. That’s the one I can get my head around writing, but ‘Flash,’ whenever they bring me back, I think I prefer somebody else doing it.

Intriguingly, Arrow originally sought to adapt Onomatopoeia back in Season 1, before heeding Smith’s own suggestion that the character’s gimmick of speaking only in phonetic sound effects couldn’t be adapted outside of comics. The role was instead shifted into “Mr. Blank,” an original assassin played by Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Angel alum J. August Richards.

Smith hasn’t been offered any official opportunity to write for Arrow just yet, but might his Flash directing work seal the deal? How might Onomatopoeia end up onscreen, given difficulty of adapting the character?

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