While only four episodes of DC's superhero drama 'Arrow' have aired to date, those familiar with the series know that The CW's approach to Green Arrow tends to ditch superpowers in favor of more grounded, scientifically plausible heroes. Still, DC comics and 'Arrow' fans alike are no doubt clamoring for the moment someone "super" might finally appear, but is it sooner than we think? Will 'Arrow' keep to its green motif by alluding to an iconic hero in the next episode?

'Arrow' fans, ye be warned, but it's possible that the Stephen Amell-fronted Oliver Queen drama might be breaking its one rule. DC comic book writer Marc Andreyko recently spoke with podcast Nerd Nation, speaking on potential changes to the comic interations of Green Arrow and the Martian Manhunter in the wake of DC's "New 52," when the writer offered up a tantalizing clue.

When asked about the Manhunter, Andreyko coyly responded, “If you’re not watching 'Arrow' show on CW, you [should] probably start with this Wednesday’s episode." From what we know, the upcoming episode "Damaged" will feature Oliver Queen - SPOILER ALERT - on trial for his vigilante activities, while simultaneously introducing the 'Arrow' version of famous DC villain Deathstroke. However, could there be an allusion to the famous Martian Manhunter, who previously appeared on The CW's own 'Smallville'?

In actuality, Andreyko most likely meant 'Arrow' would introduce some iteration of the human character Manhunter (Kate Spencer) rather than our Martian friend J'on J'onzz, though any potential mention of the word is likely to get fans of the series talking. Even as the human incarnation of "Manhunter" this is the first we've heard of the character appearing in the series.

What say you? Do you think 'Arrow's' producers will keep to their word and stay away from super-powered characters? Who would you like to see appear in the series?