Sadly, we won't be seeing any new 'Arrow' episodes until March 20, but last night's action-packed "Dead to Rights" gave us plenty to chew on until then. Not only did yet another member of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell)'s inner circle learn his big vigilante secret, but several new mysteries were introduced, some of which alluded to ties with major DC comics mythology. The March 20 episode will also feature the long-awaited return of the Huntress (Jessica De Gouw), so get a sneak peek and new insight into last night's episode inside!

The CW's 'Arrow' might need a heavier disguise than a hood and some eye shadow, at the rate his friends are learning his secret identity. Last night's "Dead to Rights" proved a milestone episode for the fledgling series, recently renewed for season 2, as Tommy Merlyn (Colin Donnell) learned Oliver's secret identity as the vigilante plaguing Starling City. However, said reveal was the first time Oliver hadn't at least partially intended to bring someone into the inner circle, which episode writer and DC magnate Geoff Johns tells TVGuide will have consequence "almost immediately."

One of the things is that everyone has a different reaction to that, and Oliver needs to be able to interact with people and talk about it. With Tommy, this is one where Oliver didn't do it by choice; he did it by necessity. I think that [scene] says a lot about where this relationship is going to end up going.

Not only did Oliver admit he hadn't intended on telling Tommy the truth, but the vigilante crusader doesn't even realize how saving the life of Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) puts his greatest enemy (the Dark Archer) in a position to continue threatening the city, and Oliver's own mother Moira.

That irony may not come to light immediately however, as March 20 return episode "The Huntress Returns" will see exactly that, Jessica De Gouw's Helena Bertinelli returns to Starling City just as Oliver finally opens up his nightclub. Elsewhere, Laurel Lance will continue to deal with the bombshell of her mother Dinah ('Doctor Who's' Alex Kingston)'s return, and revelation that her sister Sarah may have survived the yacht distruction that shipwrecked Oliver after all. More still, Thea Queen will help Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) with a job at Oliver's nightclub, but the youth may not be so apt to change his criminal ways right away.

Well, what say you? Will Tommy's knowledge of Oliver's secret identity throw all of 'Arrow' into jeopardy? Will the Huntress' return end up helping Oliver against the Dark Archer? Check out a new extended preview of the March 20 return below, and give us your 'Arrow' thoughts in the comments!

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