The CW’s ‘Arrow’ staged the first half of a major reunion with ‘The Flash’ last night, only to continue tonight with ‘The Brave and the Bold,’ but the DC drama’s next big return may not prove so friendly. Manu Bennett’s Slade Wilson will bring the Deathstroke to ‘Arrow’ season 3, returning in a 2015 episode!

As initially revealed by MTV, Bennett will return in the 14th episode of season 3, though we don’t yet know in which timeframe of the show Slade (or Deathstroke) will reappear in. Barring some minor spoilers for season 2, ‘Arrow’ fans will remember that Oliver finally de-powered the Mirakuru super-soldier and locked him away on the island of Lian Yu, while flashbacks circled around to put the character through this first “death” aboard the sinking Amazo freighter.

Of course, Slade’s return also brings to mind season 3 questions of Sara Lance (Caity Lotz)’s killer, of which Deathstroke would certainly prove a potential, if somewhat implausible suspect. Also returning from season 2 under suspicion will be ‘The Killing’ star Bex-Taylor Klaus as DC character Sin, whose limited stature and cordial relationship with Sara might also fit Oliver’s pursuit of the killer.

‘Arrow’ season 3 will once again target its main story after tonight’s ‘Flash’ crossover conclusion, but what say you? What dastardly deeds might bring Manu Bennett’s Slade Wilson back into the fold, and when?

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