Hey, so remember when Arrow completely blew up the show with last night’s “Public Enemy,” forcing us to wonder how Season 3 would close out its final five? We now have a pretty fantastic answer, in the form of an Atom-smashing, League-leading, Olicity-shipping trailer for the final episodes of Arrow Season 3!

There’s a lot to take in by the latest look at Arrow Season 3, perhaps even moreso than that spoilery Flash trailer of a similar ilk. Roy doesn’t look to be faring too well, going to prison in Oliver’s place, though the deposed Arrow makes a plan to bust his protege out of prison, which may not go as well as we hope.

As if that weren’t enough pain to dish out, Oliver seems to accept the mantle of Ra’s al Ghul, and even a team-up with Ray Palmer, using what appears to be some kind of motion control for the A.T.O.M. suit. There’s an unfamiliar blind lady clashing with the League, Thea donning a hood of her own and throwing knives at Ra’s, and oh, did we mention steamy Olicity sexy time? Because steamy Olicity sexy time.

Arrow Olicity Broken Trailer
The CW

Once more for good measure? Steamy Olicity sexy time.

Arrow will return on April 15 with the aptly-titled “Broken Arrow,” so start your salivating over the above trailer, and strap in for the rest of Season 3's super DC drama!

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