At long last, Arrow finally revealed the face under Prometheus’ hood with Wednesday’s “Fighting Fire With Fire,” in the process casting doubt on who many expected as DC’s Vigilante. That hasn’t stopped fan theories from churning, but it seems producers may have punted the question of Vigilante’s identity to Season 6.

You’re warned of full Arrow Season 5 spoilers from here on out, but there was a mixture of surprise and subversion with Wednesday’s reveal that Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra) is in fact Prometheus, given the character is usually presented as the alter-ego of Vigilante. Producers had as much in mind from the beginning of Season 5, but as executive producer Marc Guggenheim tells Entertainment Weekly, they may not come up with another identity for the gun-toting DC antihero until next year:

We know the answer to [who's under Vigilante's mask]. You probably will not get the answer to that in season 5.

Some of the more interesting theories have suggested that Chase might be both Prometheus and Vigilante; a claim supported by the unusual nature of their first onscreen meeting this week, but complicated by Chase’s presence at the press conference Vigilante set out to ambush. To be fair, Season 5 hasn’t presented many candidates for Vigilante beside Chase (at least many that would carry dramatic weight), so it’s an understandable, if disappointing decision to delay until Season 6.

In the meantime, Arrow will pick up with Chase and Prometheus in full villain mode with March 15 outing “Checkmate,” but is Season 5 cheating, to deprive us of Vigilante’s identity? Will Season 6 fall into the same trap of introducing only one potential candidate? Watch the latest trailer below.

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