Sigh.  With life, must come death.  An especially aggravating death considering NBC's 'Whitney' just got renewed for a second season and Dane Cook just picked up his own series on the network, but death nonetheless.  It would seem that in spite of a small ratings upturn and measured critical praise of the series, 'Awake' will not see another day.  Along with four other NBC comedies down, the network is also passing on any remaining pilots.  So who's among the fallen?

NBC's freshman critically-acclaimed drama 'Awake' has gone gentle into that good night, on the same day that saw 'Parks and Recreation,' 'Up All Night,' and 'Whitney' renewed for additional seasons.  Last night's episode "Say Hello to My Little Friend" experiences a small surge in the show's meager ratings, including a favored turn by 'Alias' star Kevin Weisman, but ultimately wasn't enough for NBC to stave off the reaper.

Joining 'Awake' in cancellation are three of NBC's freshman comedy lineup, including three-camera 'Whitney' partner 'Are You There, Chelsea,' along with recent entry 'Best Friends Forever' and the short-lived, but critically-praised 'Bent.' Additionally, NBC has decided to pass on any prospective pilots not already ordered to series.

We can at least take solace in the fact that two episodes of 'Awake' yet remains, even if any ratings upturn wouldn't be enough to change NBC's mind, or the fact that 'Parks and Recreation' and 'Community,' the network's most-acclaimed with longest odds series, have been each renewed.

Sigh, nature of the business.  Will you miss 'Awake?'  How about any others of the fallen?  With NBC's schedule looking more and more complete, tell us what you feel they've done right in the comments!