One of the big items to emerge from last weekend’s Comic-Con was the news that Zack Snyder would be taking a backseat in the DCEU going forward. This report - which falls somewhere between a rumor and a substantiated story - spoke directly to a shifting creative hierarchy behind the scenes at Warner Bros. With Geoff Johns now serving as DC’s answer to Kevin Feige, things look increasingly uncertain for the ‘old guard’ of DCEU filmmakers, including both Snyder and Suicide Squad director David Ayer. This is despite the fact that Ayer in particular has at least one DCEU film planned for the next few years.

Gotham City Sirens as proof that the director is on the rocks, both Ayer and his representation have flatly denied those rumors in the last few days. Earlier this week,
/Film (via
SyFy) published confirmation from Ayer’s reps that he would still be directing the project, and the director himself took to Twitter on Thursday to post this ambiguous confirmation:

As many of you already know, Gotham City Sirens is intended to be a female-driven superhero movie featuring Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn alongside the as-of-yet uncast Catwoman and Poison Ivy. While not much is known about the movie, there have been rumors that Megan Fox might play the role of Poison Ivy or that Jared Leto’s Joker could appear in the movie as well. And while much has been made about Ayer’s comments at the Bright panel during Comic-Con - he described his Netflix movie as not being “some bullsh– standard issue studio PG-13 movie,” seemingly a direct shot at his work on Suicide Squad - that also suggests that Ayer’s standing at the new DCEU might be more, not less, secure than that of Snyder. If Johns and company are truly looking for a soft reboot of their cinematic universe, why punish the guy who played good soldier while Warner Bros. threw him under the bus? We’ll see how things shake out in the weeks to come.

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