In the great tradition of films like 'The Last Stand,' 'The Expendables 3,' the 'Red' movies and 'Grudge Match' comes the new 'Bad Asses' trailer, this time showing that Danny Trejo and Danny Glover are not just your run-of-the-mill old geezers who watch TV in tracksuits all day. They're ready to kick some ass.

The respective stars of 'Machete Kills' and 'Lethal Weapon' are proving that, what, they're not as old as they seem? 'Cause they seem pretty old, especially when trying to keep in the action movie genre.

Trejo, 69, and Glover, 67, are now back fighting the good fight once again for the sequel (yes, sequel) to 2012's 'Bad Ass' with 'Bad Asses.' Where the first film saw Trejo as a Vietnam war vet taking action in his small town when his best friend is murdered, 'Bad Asses' takes Trejo to cleaning up the town with his new friend Bernie (Glover).

'Bad Asses' will come straight to DVD later this year, and if you're a fan of Trejo's fighting style/enjoyed watching his latest, 'Machete Kills,' you'll probably want to pick this one up.

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