Soon you'll be able to watch a young and incredibly sexy Jane Fonda strip in zero gravity in all her high-definition glory, as the cult '60s classic 'Barbarella' is finally coming to Blu-ray this summer.

It was 1968 when French director Roger Vadim mounted a film production based on the popular French comic book by Jean-Claude Forest about a sexually liberated woman who travels through space and has encounters with various aliens (whom she usually ends up going to bed with). Although the sexual content of the comics was not generally explicit, it was considered the first "adult" comic book.

Vadim cast his then-wife Fonda in the title role and adopted a playful, tongue-in-cheek tone for the movie, but to be truthful, 'Barbarella' is not a particularly good film; it suffers from a weak script and some fairly dreadful performances. But the set and costumes designs are straight out of '60s psychedelia, it's got an endearing, campy charm to it, and Fonda has perhaps never been more luscious as she seduces everyone in sight and even blows the circuits of the Excessive Machine, a device constructed to kill people through too much sexual pleasure.

A remake has been batted around in recent years by director Robert Rodriguez, with Rose McGowan attached to star, although the project is currently not active.

The Blu-ray comes out July 3rd and the only bonus feature listed is the theatrical trailer - a retrospective documentary would be nice, if they could get Fonda to talk about the movie (she's been kind of embarrassed about it for decades). If you haven't checked out this loopy slice of weird '60s sci-fi before, now's your chance.