Most DC Comics fans are currently focusing all of their anticipatory energies on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which opens in theaters next March and will kick off Warner Bros.’ attempt to seriously compete with Marvel and their Cinematic Universe of Avengers. But Warners and DC are already looking ahead to the movies that come after Batman v Superman. First up is Suicide Squad, about a team of super-villains working for the U.S. government in exchange for commuted sentences. Then there’s Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman solo film, following her introduction in Batman v Superman. And at some point down the line, probably in 2018, we should get a solo Batman movie starring Ben Affleck. Just what that movie will look like, and what it will be about, remains unclear.

In a new report, Latino Review claims they have a scoop on one possibility about that Batman film. As they hear it, Batfleck may actually be paired with the biggest star from Suicide Squad: Will Smith, who plays the ruthless assassin Deadshot. Though they add nothing is “locked down,” they claim Smith is... psyched about being part of a massive superhero cinematic universe. Since he signed on for multiple appearances as Deadshot, the rumble behind the scenes is that he wants to be an ongoing part of Warner’s and DC’s plans. Right now as per my sources IF things pan out Will Smith may join Ben Affleck in his solo Batman movie, which might not end up being so solo. If Deadshot joins the Bat in the movie, it will be for a ‘major role’ for a ‘The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly’ scenario.

That actually sounds kind of appealing, and certainly a different direction from the previous onscreen iterations of the Batman mythology, which were typically very serious, and portrayed a lonely, isolated Dark Knight waging a one man war on crime and smiles. If, theoretically, the good was Batman, the bad was Deadshot, and the ugly was, oh I dunno, the Joker (Jared Leto), that could be pretty interesting. And one hell of a big deal on Fart Street.

Batman v Superman opens on March 25.