We live in times both exciting and terrifying for TV synergy, as every 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' success may be met by the absurd principle of a 'Breaking Bad' prequel spinoff. Nevertheless, franchise connection has grown to an all-time high, as even 'Arrow' looks to spin off 'The Flash' into his own series, so might Batman spinoff 'Gotham Central' finally make it to the airwaves, as had once been considered?

According to comic creators Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker (via Uproxx), their Gotham police series 'Gotham Central' may once again fall to consideration for the TV treatment, having previously been considered (and shot down) while Christopher Nolan maintained his singular Bat-vision through 'The Dark Knight' trilogy. At the time, most other mediums had been urged to stay away from the characters of the Batman franchise, though now Brubaker believes interest has again stirred in a series chronicling the lives of ordinary Gotham detectives contending with the likes of supervillains and a terrifying vigilante.

Said Brubaker of 'Gotham Central' in promotion of his new book 'Velvet':

The book is actually more popular now than when we were doing it. There’s been talk of 'Gotham Central' on TV since when we were doing the comic even (in the mid-2000s). Everyone at Warner Bros. really loved it. Chris Nolan after they did 'Birds of Prey' had asked them to just please not do any Batman-related stuff until he was done with his trilogy — looking at 'Birds of Prey,' you can see why. It was not the world’s greatest pilot.

No official development plans have emerged from Warner Bros., of course, but the recent landmark revelations of both the Flash's 'Arrow' genesis and 'Batman vs. Superman' cross-pollination remind us that DC continually plays its cinematic cards close to the chest. Depending on the success of 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,' it isn't outside the realm of possibility that DC would consider a TV-adjacent adaptation to flesh out Batman's world, particularly given the success of the comic series.

What do you think? Does DC have enough on its plate for the moment without spinning off another series like 'Gotham Central'? How would you want to see DC handle its TV incarnations as we continue building toward an inevitable 'Justice League' movie?

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