Warner Bros. has a sticky situation on their hands when it comes to Batman. The Christopher Nolan trilogy has just ended, satisfying (for the most part) the fanboy community, and the moviegoing public at large, as the definitive take on the Caped Crusader. And while on the surface it would seem crazy to even think about reinventing the character all over again less than a month after 'The Dark Knight Rises' the simple fact is: Batman = money. No Batman = less money. And the studio cares about money, so they're going to reboot the character, sooner rather than later.

So it goes that the time to do that is with the 'Justice League' movie Warner Bros. is actively preparing.

The fansite Batman On Film has an industry source telling them that the latest incarnation of the Dark Knight will appear in 'JL', after which he'll get a new film all to himself. (They speculate that 'Justice League' could leap into theaters during the summer of 2015.)

This makes sense in a great many ways, and yet it almost seems like it would be giving short shrift to the character to introduce this fresh take in the middle of an ensemble piece. That said, it's obvious the studio isn't going through the trouble of giving each 'Justice League' character their own film before the epic team-up; in other words, they're pretty much skipping right to 'The Avengers'. (With the exception of Zack Snyder's 'Man of Steel', which arrives next summer; even then, it's not guaranteed that Henry Cavill's version of Superman will be the one appearing in 'Justice League.')

As the rebooting of Batman is inevitable anyway, would you prefer to see it done in a solo film, or does it make more sense to introduce him in 'Justice League?'