Somehow, Batman Unlimited just keeps getting weirder.

It started as just a line of action figures with an almost infuriatingly off-model bat-symbol, and last week, we told you about the upcoming animated movie based on the toys in  which Batman and his pals fight a bunch of animal-themed villains with the help of a robot panther that turns into a motorcycle. I honestly didn't think it could get any stranger than that, but this week at the New York Toy Fair, they went a whole lot further when Mattel introduced plans for this year's line of toys, which include Batman riding CybeRex, a robotic tyrannosaurus that eats criminals.

Okay. Where to start.

Batman has, of course, been the proud owner of a robotic T-Rex since 1946, but usually, he keeps it in the Batcave as a trophy instead of riding it around Gotham, for reasons I will never understand. CybeRex, on the other hand, seems to be completely built for crime-fighting.

In addition to the Batarang-shaped club at the end of its tail — and I would pay cash money for a story where an anklyosaurus crashed through a brooding T-Rex's window and inspired him to adopt its methods to terrify criminals — CybeRex's most distinguishing feature is probably what the press release describes as... the belly jail:

Villains don’t stand a chance. When you bring them down, lock them up in the CybeRex™ belly jail. The streets of Gotham City are safe again!

For, you know, certain values of “safe.”

The press release also touts CybeRex as being seen in the Batman Unlimited animation, so holy crap, there is going to be a cartoon about Batman fighting crime with a man-eating robot dinosaur. Truly, we are living in the most magical time.

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