There’s no easy way to say this, but if you saw Beauty and the Beast in theaters, you were ROBBED. All week long Disney has been dropping additional content from the hit live-action remake online to promote the upcoming Blu-ray release, including some pretty darn cute behind-the-scenes footage. But in the latest clip, director Bill Condon reveals a scene that was unjustly deleted from the film. That sneaky dude has been holding out on us.

This whole time we’ve been missing out on some of the sweetest schadenfreude a fictional family film can offer: Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, behold the glorious scene in which one of the most insufferable actors is locked in a bathroom and tormented by an enchanted CG toilet —

It’s cinematic justice for everyone who finds Gad vaguely annoying despite his pleasant antics. Dreams really do come true — or they almost did, until Condon inexplicably cut the scene from the film, a decision made all the more confusing when EW reveals that this brave vigilante toilet (named Monsieur Toilette, but of course) was voiced by the great Stephen Merchant.

…Which leaves us with even more questions, like if the toilets are also enchanted castle staff members, where do Belle and the Beast, you know, go? Surely they wouldn’t, I mean…Then again, the Beast’s household employees remained weirdly, almost aggressively hospitable despite their cursed state.

Anyhow! Beauty and the Beast hits Blu-ray on June 6.

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