It was only recently that the FBI moved on FIFA after a lengthy investigation into the corrupt sports organization. That happened just last month, followed by the retirement of FIFA president Sepp Blatter. Now, a month later, Warner Bros. is developing a film about American FIFA executive Chuck Blazer (yes, that’s his real name), with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon producing.

THR reports that Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to Ken Bensinger’s book Houses of Deceit, which is regarded as the “definitive account” of Blazer’s involvement with FIFA. Affleck, who was recently rumored to be directing a new solo Batman film scheduled for 2018, will not direct the FIFA film. Warrior director Gavin O’Connor will perform that duty, based on a script he’s co-writing with his partner Anthony Tambakis.

Houses of Deceit tells the story of Blazer, who became the executive vice president of the U.S. Soccer Federation and a high-ranking executive in FIFA. He is largely credited with popularizing soccer in the U.S., although he was just as corrupt as many fellow executives in the organization, often receiving bribes and earning the nickname “Mr. 10 Percent.” Blazer eventually became an informant for the FBI, aiding in their investigation into the organization’s prevalent corruption.

O’Connor recently directed Affleck in The Accountant, which hits theaters early next year. No word yet on when he’ll begin production on the FIFA film.