UPDATE - The account actually does belong to Betty, who is apparently pranking people in advance of her upcoming NBC series, 'Off Their Rockers,' which will highlight senior citizens pulling off wacky pranks. Oh Betty...

Beloved actress Betty White has a sense of humor that seems custom-made for Twitter, so when she apparently opened an account on the social media site and began tweeting on Tuesday, she quickly racked up more than 140,000 followers.

But there's just one problem: the account isn't hers.

The @BettyMWhite account bills itself as "The Official Twitter Page of Betty White" and is listed as "verified" by Twitter, something the site does to keep impostors from saying they're a celeb when they actually aren't.

Assuming Betty isn't pranking Valerie, it probably won't be long until the fake account is yanked. Then we'll all just have to hope the 90-year-old star considers the whole mess a nudge to get on Twitter - for real, this time.

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